Monday, July 30, 2012


I write this post today as a free being.  I have been caught in the haze that my former school has created and survived the culture of fear that all three of my principals have maintained.  I decided not to write of the realities of the school throughout the year but I am proud to announce that I have sent in my formal resignation letter.

Clicking the "Send" button in my email has never felt so liberating, so exhilarating, or so peaceful.  As soon as the letter was sent I felt a world of pressure and stress lift off my shoulders.

I no longer work for a school who doesn't put children first.  I no longer work for a school who simply does not support their educators.  I no longer work for a school who takes advantage of their eager, new first-year teachers.  I no longer answer to administrators who claim that "social justice is bullshit".

I am free from it all.  I am lifted with new hope and faith in my career decisions.  It was risky to leave, yes, but it was more risky to stay and lose my entire belief in the education system.  I did not want to lose the love I felt for teaching and my hope in the success of CA public school system.

I hope that my friends and colleagues who are remaining at the school find the beauty in being a teacher, continue to see the positive side of things, and most importantly - find a way to put their students first.

I will miss my students, my friends, and my dedicated colleagues - but I am proud of my decision and I hope the school finds a way to one day match their mission statement that claims to support the people and communities of underserved communities.

And to the administrator who claimed "social justice is bullshit", I have very little respect for your view on education, I do not understand your lack in dedication to children; and for the last and final time, I do not agree that "testing and data is all that matters".

The new and refreshed Ms. Tsai