Saturday, October 1, 2011

Today is October 1, 2011.

Wow! Has it really been that long since my last post?  My life has been completely taken over by my work.  It is the hardest I have ever worked in my entire life.  I cannot fathom the incredible work load I am walking into (or already drowning in) with my first year of full time teaching, BTSA year 1, and pursuing my M. Ed from UCLA.


Today is October 1, 2011.  Many veteran teachers have warned me in the past that the worst time in teaching Kinder is the first month.  WELL, its OCTOBER! Things better shape up starting Monday...

It has been incredible.  From my extremely overwhelming PD in August to my first day of school on Wednesday, September 7th.   My students are brilliant and loving.  I am so lucky to be their teacher this year and I can already feel my attachment to them.  Everyday routines have been more or less put into place (although they still need more practice) and Benchmark testing begins Monday.  SIGH.

Although I am dreading the GIANT tests that are coming up for my students, I am so excited for my first Back to School Night on Wednesday.  I am eager to share with the parents what my students and I have been working on so far in the year and receive any feedback or comments.  If you have ever had a Back to School night (or attended one) please leave me a comment with any tips!

Today I also attended the Future Teacher's Conference 2011 at LMU. SO AMAZING! I loved the people, the speakers, the workshops, and the energy.  It really helped me refocus my attention on why I joined this profession and what I love about teaching.  Teaching kindergarten means that I set the stage of how my students will view school, learning, and themselves.  Kindergarten is where it starts.  Encouraging and building lifelong learners begins here.  And I'm there.  It's been so remarkable already (remarkable meaning CRAZY roller coaster ride), but so rewarding.  Like many have said today at the conference, teachers are never rewarded with money, praise, or recognition.  We are rewarded by the fact that we touch the lives of young people everyday.  I am rewarded knowing that I add stability and positive value to the lives of all twenty three of my beautiful scholars.

I wish more people in the world (and especially in the US) saw teaching for what it is: teaching is the hardest profession in the world.  Please, next time someone tells you they teach in an urban community, react the way you ought to react - with respect.  A wonderful speaker today told me that to be a teacher, I would need someone or people in my life that were understanding.  A support network or team who understood that teachers don't get off of work at 2:45 PM when the bell rings.  You don't clock out at 6:00 PM with just your purse on your shoulder and car keys in hand.  That you don't ever have a second of the day when those 23 kids aren't on your mind.  To understand that effective teachers do not get summers off.  I hope one day to find that I will be with someone who could understand all of that.

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