Wednesday, September 10, 2014

5 to 1

5 Random Facts
I once had a pet pig. His name was Hamlet.
I stress bake.
I was a board diver.
Barista for five years.
A friend of fifteen years, now is my fiance.

4 Bucket List Items
Live in Europe.
Be a risktaker. In all parts of life.
Take a backpacking trip.

3 Hopes
To always work where students come first.
To be an activist in the education and global field.
To retire feeling accomplished.

2 Moments
"I wish you could be my stepmom."
"Target smells like porn."

I'm really not that intense.
No, seriously.
I'm not intense. -_-

1 comment:

  1. " . . . smells like porn". Ha! I think "intense" was one of the words I would have used to describe you when we first met! In a wholly positive way, though. Envied that your intensity was backed up with smarts.