Monday, September 8, 2014

A Drawer?

A desk drawer? Do teachers have these? I had a hard time figuring out which cabinet or drawer to use. I don't have a teacher's desk, I prefer to roam the room throughout the day to check in with students. I sit at the kidney table when I'm alone - but there are no drawers to that.

No teachers desk!

Well, if I were to have a teacher's drawer, I'd like to think I'd have these items:

Snacks - for me and for students.

School supplies.

Handmade crafty gifts from students.


Wipes - well, you know.

Cough drops.

Fidgets - tools for students who might need something to keep them focused.

My teacher's drawer will have items that my students could use. My room exists for my students, not for me. I'd imagine the teacher's drawer would very quickly become the student's drawer - just much more organized.

I'm curious to learn more about what other teachers' drawers look like!

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