Thursday, September 11, 2014


Moments: small and fierce

A huge asset to this profession is that everyday is vastly different, yet the same. Here are a few special moments I love about my day.

The Sunrise Moment
Sunrise and the 1st Day of School 2013

When you get to school so early and prep prep prep. Coffee's warm, dark and cool, silence, and anticipation. And then you pull the blinds open to see the sun coming up on what will be another beautiful day.

The New Moment

Mission Trails Visitor Center Library 2014

When you get to explore something or someplace new with your students. It is most powerful, having teachers and students learn hand in hand, trail by trail, mountain by mountain.

The Friends Moment

Lauren and I - my first SDGVA class is now in her current 4th grade class!
When you get to know others so well, with the most powerful shared experience of teaching. Making friendships based on trust, love, and kindness. 

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