Sunday, September 28, 2014

Collaborating on Online Resources on the Weekend using Technology

25th: This weekend I had the honor of presenting at the San Diego Area Writing Project's Fall Conference 2014. I spoke about building and sustaining a writer's community. In building this, genuine and meaningful collaboration needs to exist between students. 

26th 3 go-to online education resources:

Edmodo: The teaching team uses this for sharing PD resources.

Teaching Tolerance: Amazing resources and articles on equity and privilege.

Math Task Ideas:

27th Weekends or Holidays

The days off are for a time of rest. However, most of the time I spend my time off still thinking and reflecting on my practice. I ask more questions of myself and set new goals for the upcoming week. In January, some of our weekends are also used for Saturday School - not the traditional kind. It's the type of Saturday School where you invite your students who would benefit the most from a small group (no more than 5) 3 hour instructional block. Our students actually whine to be a part of Saturday School when they are not invited. Saturdays - like this last one - are also spent being a part of professional development. I am a SDAWP fellow and teacher consultant apprentice. There are book club dates, conferences, pd, and other duties for the weekends. 

28th Technology

Technology should enhance, extend, and challenge the process of learning. It is more than a tool because many modes of tech have the ability to push student thinking further. It can be used much in he same way as writing.

We use technology to learn more about something.
We use technology to share what we have learned.
Use it to demonstrate learning.
Use it to enhance the understanding of an intangible concept.
Use it to reach out to more resources.

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