Saturday, September 6, 2014

Welcome to Room 30!

First week of school is complete! A rocking one, I'd like to add! Here, one of my students is sharing out her biobag (a bag with three personal items that teach us about the student). Her peers are listening and will soon be jumping out of their seats to ask a question of our presenter. For the next few weeks, all my students will share a biobag. 

I see: students engaged, students feeling empowered, students learning about each other, center spaces of learning, E-desk formation from Fred Jones, school schedule, classroom jobs, a math calendar, a mounted projector (YES!), a projector screen, doc cam, seat sacks.

I'd like to see more of: student created items, student work, more student collaboration, more team building activities, even more rigor in instruction, and more student use of technology.

Here are some more fun photos from my first week of school!

Students went around on the first day of school on a carousel walk.
Students started using Chromebooks on day 1. Logins successful!

Center spaces around the room for literacy and math centers.

A whole lot of LOVE from our admin team throughout this week!

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  1. A big difference between our teaching settings is that you and your students get to alter and shape your environment. You get to create a space of love and learning. And I can see that happening form you pics. you and your students are creating their learning community. Love it That's a bit of a challenge for me having to switch rooms for every class. You remind me that the physical alterations we make to the room are important. I bet that for every poster you hang, each piece of student work you feature, there's a practice or habit of the heart that creates and sustains community. I'm gonna think hard about my practices - what can I do behaviorally, habitually that does what you do with your lucky students.