Friday, September 12, 2014

A Five Year Plan

My long term goal in teaching is to always be learning. Teaching is a thrill - ups, downs, all arounds, challenges, achievement, happiness, laughter, mistakes, failures, strengths, weaknesses. I want teaching to always be a part of my life that I love and struggle with. I believe that through struggle, you learn. You get better and you know more. I hope in five years, my teaching will reflect what my students need to grow and become globally aware citizens. I hope that I bend with them and that I have opportunities to train and learn how to best grow leaders and community members from my classes. In five years I hope to be more comfortable in my own skin. In my fourth year of teaching, I have progressed but I still feel like I could have a stronger foundation at my feet. I want to learn more about myself as an educator and see how that interacts and bridges to myself as a person. I'd like to think that I can reach out to the community and the school families more. I have built relationships but they can deepen.

In five years, my first class (kinders) will be entering high school. I'd like to know how they are doing and if they are thriving in their lives.

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