Monday, September 29, 2014

Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes, Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousands Moments so Dear

In midnights
In sunsets
In inches
In cups of coffee

First year jitters
turn into anxiety
but in moments of failure
learning lives on
growing, succeeding, gaining courage
even in the face of hell
affirmed in my beliefs
found and lost a side of me
I didn't even know I had

Four years later, here is a poem I wrote during Emily Vizzo's amazing presentation at the SDAWP Fall Conference "Where Power Corrupts, Poetry Cleanses".

The girl's on fire
don't take your eyes off her
some hate, some love
some flee, some play
burns it down
chills hell
lights it up
mentally, physically
her heat finds all
faster, the intensity only rises
her blood is already thick
red, she burns.

In laughter
In strife
How do you measure a year in a life?
How about love?

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